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Myoung An
Vladimir Botchev
Jim Byrnes
Marcia Byrnes
Hakan Deliç
Susan Herbst
Jerry Kautsky
Joseph J. Kranz
Teimuraz Matcharashvili
John Pearson
Walt Rankin
Geraldine Robbins
Benjamin Shenefelt
Richard Tolimieri


We draw on a group of experts in applied mathematics and engineering from academia and industry.

Their experience lies in computational group theory, mathematical and computational optimization, adaptive control theory, harmonic analysis, waveform design, estimation theory and other fields of applied mathematics.

Most company scientists are independent contractors employed on a work-available basis. This structure has served our customer base extremely well since our incorporation in 1983. It has proven to be a cost-effective method of matching the highest-caliber resources to each project.

In the course of improving defense systems, acquisition efforts, and medical imaging, our scientists have published more than five hundred peer reviewed articles and created several patents and exclusive algorithms. When you work with a team of Prometheus scientists, you will have top-level applied mathematicians focused on the specific problem of interest to you.


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