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Military Aircraft Allocation Planner (MAAP)

The Military Aircraft Allocation Planner (MAAP) resulted from a multi-year research project supported by the Air Force and Prometheus internal funds. While MAAP is configured to handle the specific problem for which it is named, it has a number of generic features which give it wide applicability in decision problems. It is comprised of five basic parts:

1. The Extended Dependency Model (EDM) - which assigns weights to different assets and objectives in a hierarchical way, thereby allowing a quantitative assessment of the relative value of all assets and objectives [reference J. S. Byrnes and R. Angell, "The Dependency Model: a Tool for Analytically Calculating System Effectiveness", IEEE Transactions on Reliability Theory, 34, 17-24, 1985]

2. The Measure of Effectiveness (MOE) - this formula uses the weights assigned by EDM, pairwise effectiveness and potential costs of each asset with every target, and joint effectivenesses of multiple assets to arrive at a means of computing an overall value for every possible strategy;

3. The optimization engine - a genetic algorithm method is used to find optimal or near-optimal strategies;

4. The transcription map - the structure of the coding of genes into strategies is crucial to the elimination of redundancies;

5. The GUI-designed to facilitate data entry and hierarchy construction.

A potential application of the basic MAAP tool to ASW search planning, comprising objectives, available resources and constraints, is illustrated in the figure attached to this link.

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