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Broadband Torpedo Reverberation Modeling

Narrowband torpedo reverbration


Comparison of broadband models


Reverberation power, CW


Prometheus Inc. has simulated, for the first time, real-time broadband torpedo reverberation. The "noiselet" reverberation simulator compares extremely well with the previous Weapons Analysis Facility (WAF, NUWC Newport) reverberation generator with significantly fewer limitations and at lower cost. It outperforms that WAF reverberation generator for the case of broadband signals. Also, it is not limited to the case of Gaussian noise and does not require any stationary assumptions. Our computations increase linearly with the number of array elements whereas those of the previous method used in the WAF increase with the cube of the number of elements. For these reasons, this Prometheus reverberation simulator has been implemented in the WAF. This allows the U.S. Navy to test its torpedoes in real-time at significantly reduced cost. The Australian Navy is also enjoying these benefits, as the Prometheus reverberation simulator is also in use in their WAF in Edinburgh (Adelaide), Australia.


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