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Wavelet Auditory Model



The Wavelet Auditory Model is a method of digitally coding and decoding acoustic signals for data compression and noise reduction. The method comprises constructing a filter bank using wavelet transforms of a basic filter impulse function to represent the response of the mammalian cochlea. Data compression is obtained by truncation of a discrete representation. Reconstruction relies on the theory of frames and produces a reconstruction method and apparatus based on irregular sampling methods which produces good quality results in a very few stages. Actual reconstructions show very good data compression and noise reduction performance.

This model is patented by Prometheus as a Nonlinear Method and Apparatus for Coding and Decoding Acoustic Signals with Data Compression and Noise Suppression Using Cochlear Filters, Wavelet Analysis, and Irregular Sampling Reconstruction by John Benedetto and Anthony Teolis (patent #5388182, issued Feb. 7, 1995).


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